Heal The Strife From Your Past Life Virtual Workshop
If you have ever given thought to who you might have been in a past life or you are feeling unlike yourself and certain emotions or interests have been heightened, then you actually may be channeling the energy of someone you were in a past life. This workshop, through guided meditation, discussions and techniques, will show you how to recognize your strongest emotions or behaviors that you may be currently experiencing, seeing which past life you need healing from and search for nuggets of information that can improve your present life. You will also learn how YOU can start to heal yourself through empowerment.
Saturday, April 17th 2:00pm - 4:30pm (PST)
$60 per person

Mastering The Extraordinary Life 4 Week Manifesting Online Course
Let me teach you how to manifest all that you DESERVE and DESIRE into your life in this enlightening, insightful and fun workshop. I absolutely LOVE teaching about manifesting. It truly is magical!
Are you ready to really delve in and learn how to manifest all that you deserve and desire into your life? Do you want to attract new and more fulfilling experiences? The Mastering The Extraordinary Life 4 week online workshop is designed to help you on your journey to making that life a reality.
The most powerful universal law is the “Law of Attraction”….like attracts like. We live and thrive in a universe based on vibrational energy which is influenced by our internal thoughts, beliefs and emotional energies. Whatever we are giving our attention to or thinking about, whether positive or negative, is drawn to us. Mastering The Extraordinary Life course will empower you by understanding the key concepts, powerful tools and techniques of manifesting to begin to deliberately create the life you desire, open you to being in the flow of well-being and abundance, and create a life of joy, magic and happiness.
In this course you will learn:
-The “I WISH” part of manifesting. There is a part of you that just wishes, not quite believes yet. Why is that? We will discuss how to release old emotional energy and beliefs that are holding you back and understanding the power in letting that old energy go. Change your beliefs, change your life. Participants will partake in a modified SENTIRE session (emotional energy release & empowerment) to learn the techniques of dealing with emotional energy that no longer serves you. You truly cannot move forward without tapping into those emotions.
-The “VISION” of manifesting - Here you turn your “I WISH” into “I WANT.” You start finding purpose and passion behind the vision of those dreams, ideas and desires. This will be through group exercises and discussions to really allow yourself to let go and start voicing those desires.
-The “STRUCTURE for JOY” of manifesting Time for you to say, “I BELIEVE” and start structuring up the ACTION for the joy you want in your life. What are you going to do to start manifesting your desires into your life? Remember, action and structure raises the vibration of motivation to manifest. You will learn tools and techniques to create action.
-The “I KNOW or RESULTS” of manifesting - This portion will be to clear up any residual doubt, structure and belief and rewrite your mindset to truly see, believe and feel your desired results.
This workshop will be held via Zoom on Wednesdays, April 14th, 21st, 28th & May 31th 6:30pm - 9:00pm.
$245 per person

Limit 12 

Online Mediumship & Psychic Awareness Development 6 Week Series
Are you someone that feels like they may have some psychic and mediumship abilities, but are looking for a way to develop those gifts further? Or, are you completely aware that you are spiritually gifted and looking to navigate, sharpen, hone in, and deepen that spirit relationship more?
This 6 week beginner/intermediate development series is an intimate group for light-workers that are ready to develop and extend their own awareness outside the physical sense and tap into their psychic born gift of intuition to explore the possibilities and potential to connect with Spirit.
Psychic Medium Kelly McClure will show you how to identify your psychic and intuitive abilities through various exercises and discussions. Once you learn how to delve into the power of these abilities, you can then apply them to all areas of your life. You will participate in group and one-on-one exercises to build confidence, find your empowerment, push through any fears to develop clear and meaningful messages, and stretch you beyond your comfort zone. This will be an enlightening and informative weekly series to have fun, learn, let go and really delve into your gifts.
Things you will learn:
- Focusing and working on your “Clairs”
- Authenticity & Ego
- Interpretations of readings
- Learn to trust your intuition
- Symbolism
- Spiritual tools & techniques
- Etiquette
- Connecting to Spirit
- Working with confidence
- Practicing with volunteer participants.

$250 per person

If not prepaying in full, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required and must be paid in full by 2/20/2021.
Space is LIMITED to 15 students - *must be committed, on time, open to possibilities and ready to work!

In person workshops are taught personally by Kelly at her home event space in Temecula, CA and throughout the USA. Virtual workshops are held via Zoom. Workshops in person offers students the opportunity to study with one of the industry’s professional psychic mediums and spiritual mentors. 

Beginner Intuitive Card Reading Workshop
Come join Psychic Medium Kelly McClure in this ZOOM online workshop as she facilitates this fun, interesting and insightful class teaching you how to intuitively read cards, using your natural born psychic senses, with a REGULAR DECK of playing cards. Kelly has been intuitively reading cards for more than 35 years. Card reading is growing in popularity every day. People are finding that it's a fantastic way to gain insight for yourself, friends and family, and to help build your own intuitive skills.
With a regular deck of cards, you will learn the different meanings of cards & how each can be used to help you find the answers to your questions about love, work, family, money, life path, or spiritual growth. Get invaluable experience in a supportive & uplifting atmosphere.
Grab a deck of regular playing cards, a sharpie, your handout, and a beverage and or snack of choice and join in for this FUN class.
The first part of the class will be lecture and discussion. In the second part of the class, you will break out into Zoom breakout rooms and practice with other students what you have learned.

Friday, April 23rd 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST
$35 per person
2 hours

Spirit Guide 2 Part Workshop - Spirit Guide Connection
Did you know that your spirit guides are always sending you helpful messages no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your life looks like? Your spirit team can come in the forms of guardian angels, archangels, ancestors, animals, and ascended masters. In this 2 part workshop, through discussion and meditation, you will learn how to identify your unique guides, open yourself up to their wisdom, and communicate with them at any time.
Not only will you tap into your spirit guide(s), but Kelly will be giving each participant a spirit guide reading.
April 22nd & April 29th
6:00PM - 8:00pm PST
Limited to 8 participants
$85 per person