Kelly is very familiar with spirits in heaven and earth-focused spirits. She has seen Spirit as a kid, has done paranormal investigations in the states and in England, and has been a professional psychic medium for 15 years helping thousands of people with life-changing healing messages from the other side.  Kelly has an amazing ability to connect with people, young and mature, and explores ideas with humor and charisma, bringing insight, clarity, and comfort to her audience. After overcoming a past full of nearly unspeakable challenges, Kelly now lives an extraordinary life, and shares how to LIVE the principles that empower you and enable you to create the life of your dreams!! Kelly has rediscovered her very natural ability to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned back into spirit, as well as guides, angels, and spiritual healing beings, and is passionate about bridging Heaven and Earth and sharing in a very real sense how to live as a Spiritual Earthling naturally.

A Halloween Spooktacular Spirit Retreat in Teresita Pines in Wrightwood, CA

October, 21st - 23rd 2022

A very beautiful place of natural beauty where campers encounter a place of peace, quiet, and nature.
We will be visiting this camp at the beginning of fall when that hint of autumn is in the air, where the mellow warmth of the sun is healing for the soul, and the evenings are cool and crisp.
Yet, even in this peaceful setting, we are going to explore the possibilities of different kinds of spiritual energy.

Your weekend will include: (subject to change)

-Wine and Appetizer Welcome Reception - This is a lovely outdoor cocktail meet and greet reception, under the pines with the fall sunset air setting in, as you meet new friends and gear up for the fun-filled weekend. 

- Murder Mystery Party - Wear your best or most creative costume from a scary/thriller/supernatural movie.

- Physical Mediumship & Seance(with love and light and a little bit of spooky) - We will invite spirits of the area to join us for some fun, before our investigation, and let them know our intention of love, light, and respect. The group will use physical tools of mediumship to practice various modalities to connect.

- Paranormal Investigation Workshop - Learn the ins and outs of paranormal investigating and the use of equipment. Please feel free to bring any of your own paranormal equipment. 

- Paranormal Investigation - We will break off into groups and investigate cabins and areas of the campground for spirit activity. There is always activity in these parts of the woods!

- Taking the Fear Out of the Ouija/Talking Board Workshop - There is a way to use the Ouija Board with the intention of empowerment and respect.  Learn the history of this very misunderstood and controversial board and the rules of the board.  We will also practice and play with the boards for those that are comfortable.

- Guided Morning Meditation -  A wonderful way to get the day started with a lovely and relaxing guided meditation in the crisp morning air with the sound of the wind through the trees all around us. 

- Late Night Moon and Stars Ceremony - A special guest will guide us through an evening moon and stars ceremony. 

- Intuitive Card Reading Workshop (learn how to intuitively read cards)
 - Learn to read cards using a regular deck of playing cards. We call it “Kelly’s Way.” A fantastic way to gain insight for yourself, friends, and family and to help build your own intuitive skills. With a regular deck of cards, you will learn the different meanings of cards & how each can be used to help you find the answers to your questions about love, work, family, money, life path, or spiritual growth.

- Spellcaster and Wand Craft Workshop- Kelly's daughter is versed in the art of Spellcasting and will be teaching this workshop. Spellcasting is just another way to help balance your world, to set yourself to the energies around you, and work with those energies for an outcome for your highest good. Please note, Spellcasting is not a religious act. It is another method of using energy to power some desired changes in your life. You will also be making a spellcaster wand to have a tangible tool to help you with your spellcasting desires. 

- Spiritual Principles of Halloween - CandlelightCeremony - Learn the spiritual principles behind Halloween through the tradition that originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Samhain is the time of year where there is a thinning of the veil between our world and the realm of spirit. It can be a time of reflection and spiritual growth. 

- Stories & S’mores by Campfire - After our investigations, we will sit around the fire and swap stories and experiences while enjoying a late-night treat of S'mores. 

-Past Life Regression and Healing Workshop - This workshop, through guided meditation, discussion, and techniques, will show you how to recognize your strongest emotions or behaviors that you may be currently experiencing, see which past life you need healing from, and search for nuggets of information that can improve your present life. You will also learn how YOU can start to heal yourself through empowerment. 

- 5 Meals - All meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner & Sunday breakfast) are prepared by the camp chefs and staff. Dietary needs are recognized. 

- Lodging - Cabins are large with multiple bunk beds. Think summer camp style. Each cabin has a bathroom, shower, and heating. Please note, that there is a chance you may be bunking with new friends, but we do our best to keep friends and groups together. 


EARLY BIRD PRICING - 8/15/22 - 8/31/22 - $355 (You may put down a $50 non-refundable deposit that must be paid in full by 8/31/22)
GENERAL PRICING - 9/1/22- 9/26/22- $395
LATE PRICING - 9/27/22- 10/07/22- $450

For insurance reasons, please no one under 18 years of age.


Cancellations of any paid in full registration between  8/16/22- 8/31/22 will receive 100% of the money previously paid to be applied to another service or retreat to be used within one year from the original booking date, or refunded (refunds will be issued in full, minus any non-refundable deposit made).

Cancellations between 9/01/22 - 9/26/22 will result in 75% of the money previously paid to be applied to another service or retreat to be used within one year from the original booking date and 25% of the money paid being forfeited due to non-refundable retreat-related expenses.

Cancellations between 09/27/22 - 10/07/22, will result in 50% of the money previously paid to be applied to another service or retreat to be used within one year from the original booking date and 50% of the money paid forfeited due to non-refundable retreat-replated expenses.

Cancellations between 10/7/22 - 10/21/22 will result in 100% of the money previously paid forfeited due to non-refundable retreat-related expenses. 

If you prefer to transfer your booking to another participant, we are happy to accommodate you. All booking transfer requests must be submitted in writing to Lisa at at least 7 days before commencement of the retreat and be approved in writing.

This retreat is held at a beautiful campground in the pines. It is summer camp style like when you were a kid. The camp has cabins that has many bunk beds per cabin... to hold a large group of friends..., own bathroom, shower and heating. 
At the end of this retreat, you will learn new things, meet fun and interesting people, stories to share, and you may even learn and see things you never knew were possible. But, most importantly, everyone will leave knowing that there are others out there that share the same beliefs for the unexplained or unknown.

Join Psychic Medium Kelly McClure for her 5th Annual Halloween Spooktacular Spirit Retreat!!. This year we are heading back to Teresita Pines located just outside of Wrightwood, CA in the beautiful Angeles National Forest.

What if you could go somewhere for a whole weekend, in the beautiful outdoors, with like minded individuals who have a curiosity for the unexplained and paranormal, spirits, all things intuitive, magical and maybe a little spooky?  Then Kelly's retreat is the place to be! It’s going to a weekend of readings, workshops, paranormal investigations, Halloween costume dance party, spookiness, crafts, eating, relaxing, laughing and meeting new friends.