Kelly doesn’t want to or need to know anything specific about you or the loved one you wish to connect with. Your name and contact information is enough when making the appointment. The less she knows the more authentic your reading and connection will be and she will prove her connection to your loved ones and ancestors by providing evidence.  Please do not give Kelly information unless evidence has been given and/or clarification is  needed. 

Many people ask if they can schedule a reading immediately after the passing of a loved one. It is up to you when you feel emotionally ready to try to make a spirit connection, but please understand, that even though spirit is able to communicate right after crossing to the other side, they themselves may not be ready to communicate.  Our loved ones who have passed also go through a transition period and may need some time to adjust. 

When coming to a reading, please have an open heart and mind to the experience.  Understand that you are not in control of the reading, but that Spirit has all the control. Sometimes it is can be a spirit, that you were not expecting, that will make its presence known that gives you the message you may need to hear.  If you do have a particular person that you are hoping to hear from, it is suggested you start meditating or talking to them and asking them to join you at your reading a few days prior to your reading. The energy of desperation, pleading or begging may hinder or block a visit from your loved one. 

"I have had a few readings from Kelly and even went to a few of her events and all I can say is Kelly is the real deal. Not only is she an amazing Psychic, she is one of the neatest people I know. She makes you feel like her and I have been BFF's forever. If your looking for peace, closure look no more. Kelly is amazing and so fun."

Allison Bickel

The readings that  Kelly McClure provides are for guidance only. It is the intention of Kelly's services to be of loving service to all participants.  Services that are provided, for legal purposes only, are considered to be entertainment only and participants are solely responsible for all the decisions made based on any feedback or perceived advice given by Kelly McClure.  What you decide to do with the information that is given to you, including any actions you take, is up to your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. 

Kelly McClure also reserves the right to terminate a reading during the course of the appointment for any reason. In the event of said termination, an appropriate refund will be given. 


​Work With Kelly

 "I am committed to creating an experience for people's healing and spiritual growth. It is my intention, that the gifts we share bring understanding, peace and harmony to the very natural experience of connecting with loved ones who have passed away.  I intend to bring joy and peace to every heart I touch." ~ Love, Kelly

"Thank you Kelly for such a wonderful experience today. It's so hard describe the emotions and feelings after a reading. All I can keep saying is how amazing it was and that it's real. For those who are unsure, or have interest I say go for it. I will say this, I thought I'd be satisfied with one short reading. But I want more. That's how good it was. The intimate reading in a small group was a great way to meet you and see what it was all about. I got what I hoped to get out of it and more. Thank you, thank you for sharing this beautiful gift. You will for sure see me again."

Jayme Spencer


​​​​Private Individual Spirit Reunions and/or Card Reading- $225 These are one on one medium reunions in person, over the phone, or video conferencing through ZOOM. Your time with Kelly can be a spirit reunion where Kelly connects you with loved ones in Spirit giving healing messages and/or guidance with current life issues.  Kelly can also read your cards by using an ordinary deck of playing cards helping to create a calm, comfortable reading and open the channels from the heavens to guide and heal personal and life issues. 

Triple Element Card Reading - Past, Present & Future - $185 Your time with Kelly will be a card reading to go look into your PAST where she'll look into your past which could be from childhood or a past period of time which could be from years ago or from a few weeks ago. This will have us take a look at your strengths, wisdom, and weaknesses. The PRESENT will help you gain perspective on where you are right at this moment and what you have to work with. You may learn a lot about where you're at now and what you need to acknowledge. You may also learn where your strengths are that help you grow into the future. The FUTURE  can reveal where you are headed and what changes you may have to make. Reading cards around your future can help Kelly see what you master and how to use your strengths to pursue your dreams. She may also be able to see where you will live, relationship status, future children or about current children, or what other kinds of blessings come your way. 

30 Minute Private Reading - $112 (video or phone only) This is a private reading if you have a specific life guidance question you would like Kelly to read cards around or a burning desire to connect with a loved one. If looking for both, a 1 hour reading is suggested. 

Past Life Card Reading - 30 Minutes - $80 (video or phone only) If you have ever given thought to who you might have been in a past life or if you are feeling unlike yourself lately and certain emotions or interests have been heightened, then you actually may be channeling the energy of someone you were in a past life. Your time spent with Kelly will be with her cards and focusing on your strongest emotions or behaviors that you may be currently experiencing and see which past life you could be drawing from and how to recognize it in your life today.  

Mini 1 Question Reading - 15 Minutes - $50 (video or phone only) If you have one simple life guidance question on your mind that you need answers or clarity to, or need insight to a particular spiritual experience or reference,  then this is a perfect mini reading appointment for you. Kelly will use her cards and help from spirit to offer guidance in your life. 

​​Virtual Family Group Spirit Reunions- $275 This is a group reunion for those family members looking to hear from the same loved one who has passed. This is for 3 -5 immediate family members that are  directly related in combinations of parents/siblings/grandparents. It is highly suggested to not have extended family such as: spouses, in-laws, cousins, friends, etc. into a session as it introduces unrelated energy that can effect the focus of your connection. Please allow 1 1/2 hours for this appointment. 

​Virtual Social Group Spirit Reunions (Up to 6 Only) -  Group Spirit Reunions are wonderful for extended family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. In a Group Spirit Reunion, Kelly invites loved ones who have crossed over to connect with us and share their messages of love, healing and guidance. These groups are meant for everyone to have the experience of witnessing each other's messages and knowing that it is a meaningful experience for them too, whether or not they get a reading themselves.  Group reunions are a good alternative to a private session for someone wishing to ensure they receive some type of message or have had previous private sessions. These are beneficial for someone who would like a more personal experience within a small group and an opportunity to ask Kelly questions without the investment of a private. Please allow 2 - 3 hours. depending on size, for this appointment.  Up to 3-6 people - $350 

SENTIRE - Emotional Energy Release & Empowerment Sessions - $275  This 2 - 2 1/2 hour session is dedicated to focusing on the energy the emotions have placed in the cells of the body and 'allowing' them to move and release by removing the blocks that have stopped you from moving forward and creating the extraordinary life you desire. Factors of trapped emotional energy can be from stress, anxiety, guilt, grief, trauma, depression, and anger.  "I have had a one-on-one energy clearing with Kelly, that I can't even put into words how incredible it was. I went in with a lot of baggage and left feeling like almost all that weight was gone. Feelings that I had no idea were there, they just came out and released from my body. Amazing. If you know anything about energy work in massage, Reiki, so on, it's kind of like that but much much more powerful. My loved ones even told me how refreshed and alive I looked the following days, and I can truly say I don't think I have ever been told that in my life. " Alley S. - Norwalk, CA

SENTIRE - Emotional Energy Release & Empowerment Sessions for Teens (15 - 18) - $137   Being a teen today is tough. They are experiencing an increase in expectations, discovering who they are, and how to fit in with peers. Add on top of that any childhood trauma, anxiety, guilt, shame, depression, etc.. and it is a concoction for negative emotional energy to harbor itself into the cells of their body. This may show up as your teen being "stuck" or unable to move forward or improve in areas of their life.  This 1 - 1 1/2 hour session is dedicated to focusing on the energy the emotions have placed in the cells of your teen's body and 'allowing' them to move and release by removing the blocks. 

Transforming Reluctant Energies/Home Healing - $150  - Making a connection with earth-focused spirits with love, understanding, and acceptance, through prayer and meditation, helping them move onto a higher experience in a lighter dimension and/or removal of uninvited or disturbing energies from your home and creating a peaceful, loving environment. 2 hour session. YES, this can be done virutally. 

Spiritual/Mediumship Coaching - $125 per hour - Spend some one on one time with Kelly to help you with guidance and direction with your own spiritual gifts. This service is for those looking for mentorship from Kelly to help open and control their own spiritual gifts, or are already comfortable with their gifts and seeking

to start helping others.

Teen Empowerment and Development Coaching Introduction Session - $55 per hour - If you have a teen that is struggling with their own spiritual gifts within the psychic realm or challenges in life with self worth, finding their place, or disempowerment and needs a person to talk to that understands them completely and can help with a little guidance then this session with Kelly is a great starting place. This is an hour of introduction to get to know each, assess their situation and plan together a strategy. *Parents are welcome to sit in on this first session. 

Teen Empowerment and Development Coaching Introduction Session - $75 per hour - Once you teen has done their introductory session, the continued coaching and empowerment will help your teen navigate their psychic gifts and/or life challenges to learn to feel self-worth to move forward knowing how they can create the life they truly want and deserve.