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Control v. Creation

posted Jan 27, 2016, 11:10 PM by Kelly McClure

There really is a huge difference!!
You actually can not control everything, but you can create anything!
One of the major difference between trying to make something happen ( control) and allowing your desires to manifest, is attachment. Ask yourself, when you are working on something you really want, weather you are attaching your sense of well-being to the outcome of your efforts. Are you trying to make something happen so that you'll be happy? Or are you happy already and would just like the experience of this thing blessing your life even more?
Some other signs you may be trying to control, rather than create..
1. Are you operating in fear? (Powerlessness)  Or Love? (all power)
2. Are you blaming yourself or others, or are you taking full responsibility for yourself.
3. Are you trying to win, believing someone else must loose? Or are you affirming that all things can actually be a win-win scenario?
4. Are you punishing or rewarding your behaviors or someone else's? Or  are you accepting and recognizing the results of your actions and behaviors?
5. Do you stress about the outcome? Or do you feel peaceful about the process?
A bit of self searching is always helpful and necessary to move yourself into a higher level of consciousness and therefore more effectively and quickly manifest what it is you truly want!!

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