​Kelly is an astoundingly gifted psychic medium who has the ability to see, feel and communicate with people who have passed away and help people connect with their loved ones in spirit to heal their lives. Kelly has a tremendous gift of making her clients feel extremely comfortable during their sessions. She consistently delivers spot on messages, evidence and validation from spirit that brings healing and comfort to those left here on Earth. 

​​Private Reading

One on one reading in person or over the phone connecting you with loved ones.


Focusing on the energy the emotions have placed in the cells of the body and 'allowing' them to move and release.

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Kelly McClure Psychic Medium


Featured Services

Reunite privately with a loved one, as a family or social group or schedule a private SENTIRE Emotional Energy Release and Empowerment session.

Group Reading

Living room style group readings, inviting loved ones in spirit to connect with us and share their messages of love.