Hi Kelly, So happy I decided to come to one of your events! Not really sure what I expected but meeting you and having you read for me was a profound experience. I was extremely touched that the first person you 'saw' for me was my little sister who passed away at a really young age. It brought so much peace to me. I felt guilt for many years that she passed so early in her life and that has since been somewhat relieved. You connected with an aunt of mine and the first thing you picked up was a high-pitch voice and singing. You couldn't have noticed a more true depiction of her as that is what most people remember of my aunt, her singing really touched everyone who heard her. You truly have a wonderful gift and I feel fortunate to have gotten to witness it as well as be a participant!!   ~Sunny Laskey

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I reunite you with your loved ones
to help you.... Heal your Heart, 
Empower your Mind,
Bring Peace to your Soul 
and Forward Motion into your Life!!!

About Kelly

Kelly is  a people person. She has the amazing ability to connect with people, young and mature,  and explore ideas with humor and charisma, bringing insight, clarity and comfort for her audience. After overcoming a past full of nearly unspeakable challenges, Kelly now lives an extraordinary life, and shares how to LIVE the principles that empower you and enable you to create the life of your dreams!!
Kelly saw spirits very clearly and communicated with them when she was a child, but it was abruptly interrupted when she was in second grade. Kelly rediscovered her very natural ability to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned back into spirit, as well as guides, angels and spiritual healing-beings, about 15 years ago  and is passionate about bridging Heaven and Earth and sharing, in a very real sense, how to live as a Spiritual Earthling naturally.
Kelly is also an expert in child development and she is gifted in working with children and young people who struggle with life, and the challenges of growing up on earth as spiritual beings, and helps empower these light-workers to embrace their gifts and share them with the world.  

I'm sure there are many schools of thought about this, and I'll share with you what I understand, through the filter of my own human mind, and how it seems to work for me.
It's like using your mind to picture something. Do you remember talking to someone yesterday? Maybe a family member or friend? Well imagine if they were sitting next to you right now. Can you see them in your mind? Now try to imagine someone you've never seen before, someone totally new to you. If you have trouble doing that go back to the person you know. What are they doing? Are they saying something? What are they wearing? Are they moving or still? Can you feel what they are feeling? Can you get a sense of their personality? 
If you said yes, then that exactly what it's like, only now, try to make that person in your mind do something or leave the room. See them in your imagination get up and walk across the room. Did they do it? 
I can do all that imagining too, only sometimes, I can't make them get up and walk across the room. I can't make them do anything except what they are doing and what they are showing me. Spirit gives information to me in concepts that I have to interpret and put into words. The energy of their personality comes through for me the strongest and I'm able to feel how they were in human form. Spirit will also put on me any pain or ailments they may have had at the time of their passing to validate it's them standing next to their loved one. They will also throw me concepts of things that happened in their life or yours or things coming up. I'm also claircognizant and will have clear knowings of things about them or you. 
That's pretty much how this works.....that's the experience I have. 
I have many theories about the process, which I love to talk about at length. I've read some books and seen other psychics and heard their beliefs, and many of those things ring true for me. The truest belief about Spirit, that I've heard, came from a boy I met AFTER he crossed. This is the very first boy I saw in that first spirit circle I attended. He couldn't understand why us humans make such a big deal over this spirit communication.  His message was that since we are all spiritual  beings having a human experience, then we are in our most natural state in spirit form and not in human form.  This kind of spirit communication is, therefore, much more natural to us than human to human communication.  I've grown so much and have believed for so long in this kind of possibility that it makes sense to me that I'm able to communicate in this way.

Client Testimonial

How It Works For me.

The Beginning

Please enjoy Kelly's account of the discovery of her psychic gifts...

"When I was a child I could see all sorts of things...people, creatures, animals...all kinds of mystical, magical things other people couldn't see. Of course, everyone believed it was my imagination and I guess I did too. But, it seemed very real at times.  One day, I was sitting in my second grade class room, when a very intelligent, talented, and gifted 7 year old child, still very connected to the spirit world, and I were watching this magical world outside my class room window. I couldn't believe no one else could see it or, if they could, why they weren't watching it. Then suddenly, my well-meaning teacher slammed a book on my desk and shouted, "Kelly! Stop day-dreaming!" I was so startled that when I looked out the window again the magical world was gone.....Until I was grown ...
I was invited to a spirit circle at a metaphysical church in Anaheim, Ca., by my friend Dessa. It was a prayer circle where people could practice their intuitive and psychic gifts. At the beginning of the meeting, we said a prayer for protection and were led through a chakra meditation and then we began doing readings. There were different types of readings...just a lot of great messages people were sharing with each other. There were about 20 people in the circle and, from the corner of my eye, it appeared that every seat was taken at the far end of the circle to my right. I didn't remember noticing that last person coming in the room to join us. Again, from my peripheral vision, the young man occupying that last seat began trying to get my attention. Even though he wasn't making any noise, it was very distracting, and I had this fleeting thought, "that's kind of rude, we're trying to do readings here." He kept it up, so I looked over at him to give him the stink eye and there was no one there. The chair was empty! I turned away, and I saw him again. At first, I really thought it was my imagination, but he was very persistent and I finally spoke up about it. I told the man that he was sitting next to all about him. He pulled me in the hallway afterwards and said, "you won't believe how accurate you are." He filled me in on who it was. It was extremely accurate! I was thrilled! 
It happened again the next week and the next. I've been reading for people ever since. I have many talents I enjoy sharing, but this is my most rewarding work."

I believe in oneness. I believe that EVERYONE has their own understand of spirituality and of God and that  we honor all paths and walks of faith. I also honor those who do not believe in any higher being. I have no conflict with any religion or belief system . I truly believe that each and every person's belief system is right and true for them and need not be imposed on one onto another. 
Personally, I believe that as humans we still have a limited understanding of the beyond  and that as we evolve so does that understanding. I'm sure my perception of God and spirituality will continue to grow and evolve, as I believe everyone's will. My wish is that everyone finds whatever brings them peace and gives their lives meaning for them. 
I believe there are as many versions of truth as there are people on this planet. And because I believe this, it is true for me, just as your beliefs are true for you. I honor and respect you for them.


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